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Join our community.
Choose a package and you will receive login credentials to view Virtual Scout School platform.

Step 2

Login to Virtual Scout School.
Dive in and enhance your knowledge of the basketball industry. Each Month we focus on a particular area of the basketball industry.

Exclusive content from industry leaders

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Video chat sessions with industry leaders

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Step 3

You will be provided exclusive content and material at the start of each month.
There will be a video chat each month to ask questions and receive direct feedback.

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Can I pay monthly or all at once?

You have two options for payment. You pay for the course in one payment or pay over a six month period. If you choose to pay over the six months follow the next steps. Select your desired package. Enter your information and select PayPal checkout. Then select PayPal credit to complete the payment over six months.

When can I enroll in Virtual Scout School?

Virtual Scout School is a continuous program. You can sign up at any time and start the program from that point. For example, If you register in December you will have access for a full twelve months from that date.

Is the content and video chats archived so I can access later?

Once subscribed you will have access to the content for the duration of your subscription. The video chat each month is archived as well so you can review later.

What can I expect to receive from Virtual Scout School?

Our staff and team of mentors will be able to provide quality advice and information to help prepare you to succeed in the basketball industry. You will also get access to templates for scouting, advance scouting, background checks, coaching prep and much more to enhance your career.

What is the difference between Career Mentoring and the Virtual Scout School?

The mentorship program is designed to provide personalized coaching and training to help enhance your career trajectory. You will receive one on one meetings and phone consultations. Virtual Scout School is also included in the mentorship program.

What is the refund policy?

We are unfortunately unable to provide a refund as you will have access to the content upon signing up.