Participant Testimonials

We’ve been fortunate to help many individuals learn and further their career in basketball. Scout School has a track record of helping attendees pursue their dreams as scouting, coaching, player development, agency and analytics.


Danny Mills

Philadelphia 76ers

“Pro Scout School gave me a unique insight into the workings of an NBA Front Office. I gained an in-depth knowledge of how the NBA identifies and evaluates talent, which has been invaluable to me in my job as an International Scout. Furthermore, the conference provided me an unparalleled opportunity to meet and interact with the guest speakers, of whom many are important decision makers within the NBA. It was a great place for me to meet and connect with others in the basketball works and build my network of contacts. Considering the huge success of last year’s Pro Scout School, I can’t wait for this year’s conference and the anticipated line up of speakers.”


Daniel Bisaccio

Assistant Video Coordinator
Miami Heat

“People looking to work in the NBA often start by asking the question, “How do I get my foot in the door?” As someone asking that same question last year, attending Pro Scout School not only helped me secure my internship with the Miami Heat, but the knowledge it provided me with are things I now use on a daily basis. The experienced panel gave us insights and background to the NBA and what their jobs entailed so that helped paint a picture for what it takes to work in professional basketball. The Pro Scout School also opened doors to networking opportunities within our areas of interest. I look forward to attending this year’s conference and the opportunities it will give me to network and expand my knowledge in the game of basketball.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Alex Alubankudi

NBA Africa

“To be honest, I was skeptical about Scout School at first, but still came with an open mind and an eagerness to learn. The different panels are phenomenal because of their unique backgrounds, willingness to give advice, and you can tell what they say is genuine. It’s a great networking event not only because of the speakers, but also the like-minded attendees. I’ve been able to build relationships with good people who are still friends and mentors today. Lastly, “Pro Scout School” has directly and indirectly led me to amazing opportunities. If possible, I’ll attend every year.”


Tyler Lashbrook

Head Video Coordinator
Philadelphia 76ers

“I wouldn’t have landed my internship with the Philadelphia 76ers had I not attended Pro Scout School. I think it’s a must-attend event for anyone looking to work in professional basketball.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Conrad Chow

Canada Basketball Analytics

“Attending Pro Scout School in 2016 was a launching point to understanding the inner workings of the professional basketball industry and the importance of networking and bringing “added-value” – I still remember Pete’s words of “it’s not who you know, it’s who knows you”. Additionally, I was truly grateful for the opportunity to take part in the GM Experience, in which I gained practical knowledge and was able to utilize the lessons learned in my current academic endeavors and basketball involvement. I thank Pete and the rest of the TPG staff for tailoring the content and making it a must-attend experience.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Matt Gruskin

Basketball Operations Intern
Indiana Pacers

“Scout School delivers a great learning experience for anyone looking to get started in the NBA or simply become more knowledgeable about the game of basketball and what takes place behind the scenes. With speakers ranging from scouts to coaches and GMs, Scout School provides an inside look at what goes into draft and trade decisions, salary cap management, player development programs, and more. I would highly recommend attending, soaking up knowledge from top executives, and networking at this unique experience.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Nick Plosser

Dir. of Basketball Operations
Long Beach State University

“Attending Pro Scout School literally changed my career trajectory. During the International Scout Panel, Tony Ronzone announced that the NBA was looking for coaches to go to India and conduct clinics. I sent him my resume and 3 months later I was in India working my first professional job. Pro Scout School allowed me a window into the inner workings of NBA basketball and access to current NBA professionals working at all levels of the League.The variety of information and personnel were things I would’ve never been able to have access to otherwise. The live-scout and feedback were particularly helpful. TPG put together an incredible amount of information and insight into two days. Pro Scout School is essential to anyone seeking to work in basketball at any level. And Coach Fraschilla was awesome!”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Andrew Kang

Video Coordinator
Eastern Michigan Men’s Basketball

“Pro Scout School was a great experience and should be attended by anyone that is thinking of a job in the NBA or basketball in general.  The conference gives you invaluable insight of life in the NBA. It’s a great event that allows everyone to network and meet professionals that work in the league every day. I work with Eastern Michigan Men’s Basketball as the video coordinator, and I utilize the lessons I have learned at Pro Scout School every day.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Austin Harader

Sacramento Kings

Pro Scout School provides an incredible networking opportunity and learning experience for anybody that attends, no matter your experience level. The amount of basketball knowledge shared at this event is unmatched. Pete Philo and his many great panelists were able to show me what was needed to get to the next level in my career. I made connections that will last a lifetime over the two summers I attended Pro Scout School.  I will carry all the valuable knowledge and connections I have made with me wherever I go in my career. It was an experience I will always remember and I hope to attend again in the future.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Arthur Moreira

Dir. of Basketball Operations
University of San Francisco

“I had the opportunity to connect with multiple people that I am still in touch with. Pete has been great with following up and always open to give career advice! Learning how important relationships are had a tremendous positive impact in my career. Made me a better coach and better recruiter.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Bobby Bourhis

Associate Editor, Social Moments
Bleacher Report

“The Pro Scout School is a great first step to break into the sports industry. The panel of speakers were amazing, informative and more than willing to answer any and all questions about scouting and/or working in the NBA. I give credit to this event for helping give me direction in terms of how I wanted to get started in my professional career and I plan on attending again in the future.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

EJ Kusnyer

Vice President
Haight Brand Sports

“TPG provided a career changing experience for me.  It provided the perfect combination of learning and networking that every person expecting to find success in the sports industry needs.  Pete and his team put you in a position to build real relationships and continue to help cultivate them long after the event is over.  In October, I was an attendee at the Agent School, and in May I was apart of an NBA Pro Day with one of the speakers and another attendee that was attended by 20 NBA personnel.  That’s the real value of what TPG provides to anyone attending one of their events.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Arjun Mahendroo

Basketball Operations Coordinator
‎Milwaukee Bucks

“TPG Agent School is an extremely unique opportunity to learn the behind-the-scenes of being an NBA Agent. Nothing will be sugar-coated; all glitz and glamour aside, you will get the true, raw extent of the sacrifices necessary to succeed as an agent. For those who want to pursue this career, there is nothing more valuable than this information, straight from the agents themselves. Additionally, having the chance to network and build relationships with those within the industry is priceless. This is a great learning opportunity and I’d highly recommend TPG’s Agent School to not only those who want to be agents, but also those who want to enter the sports industry in general.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Ford Higgins

Game Reviewer

The knowledge gained and relationships made from my experiences both attending and volunteering at Pro Scout School have been invaluable as I started and continue my career in professional basketball. It helped me get my first NBA internship, and I lean on lessons from PSS every time I watch a game. Pete Philo puts on a phenomenal event that will always teach you something new, and I recommend it to anyone interested in scouting, regardless of experience level.

Nick Plosser Scout School

Max Goldstein

Men’s Basketball Manager
University of Arizona

I would like to thank Pete Philo and the TPG staff for inspiring me to follow my dreams. After attending the 2016 General Manager Experience, I became heavily involved with the Atlanta Entertainment Basketball League and secured a Manager Position with the Arizona Men’s Basketball Team. This exclusive experience laid out a foundation for the type of success I am looking to achieve in my life through basketball. I will forever cherish the connections I made and the knowledge I learned throughout the weekend.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Paul Alvarez

Graduate Student Manager
Texas A&M Women’s Basketball

“Pro Scout School gave me the opportunity to learn from the best talent-evaluators in basketball. Pete Philo and Tony Ronzone trained my eyes to see the intricacies within a player; this sets my evaluations apart from others who have not had such training.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Devin Smith

Asst Coach, Phoenix Suns

“A wealth of knowledge about the inner workings of the NBA. Having him as a mentor is an invaluable experience. He gives the advice you need to hear and not always what you want to hear. That’s the way it should be.” 

Nick Plosser Scout School

Harley Fuller

Assistant Basketball Coach
Sienna College

“The advice, and overall mentorship that Pete has provided me with, has helped me understand what it takes to be successful in the world of basketball and been very valuable to my career. Additionally, attending his events has allowed me to enhance my knowledge of player development, player evaluation, and statistical analysis, both of which have proven to be extremely valuable in my current position at Mount St. Mary’s University.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Joey Brooks

Graduate Assistant, Purdue Men’s Basketball

I am currently enrolled in Virtual Scout School while also performing daily scouting, player development and various film/video duties on staff at Purdue University. I truly enjoy being able to supplement my day to day work/study with content that sharpens my already existing tools, while also teaching me new ways to evolve my approach and incorporate aspects that others have had success with in the past. All on my own schedule, which is invaluable during this time of the season.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Edniesha Curry

Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach, University of Maine

If anyone wants to learn the business of basketball I recommend Virtual Scout School. The lessons are easy to follow and full great material to surely separate you from other candidates when going after basketball coaching and scouting jobs. This was the best basketball investment I have done this year.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Sam Casey

Head Coach, San Antonio College

Virtual Scout School is the most effective and efficient course I’ve taken since graduate school! The material is clear, concise and each month provides the knowledge you’ve een clamoring for but don’t have the opportunity to attain working outside of the NBA. The video chats reinforce ideas and include individuals with years upon years of experience in basketball and the NBA and if you’ve ever thought “if I could just have 5 minutes with an NBA Scout, I would ask….” well, now you can for a full hour each month on a variety of different topics. You simply can’t get this information and wisdom unless you’ve worked or been around the NBA and if you believe that “Knowledge and Preparation can take you a long way; Knowledge, Preparation and WISDOM can take you even further!” Sign up for Virtual Scout School and get the tools you need to GO FURTHER!”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Derek Murray

Season Ticket Account Manager, Oklahoma City Thunder

Virtual Scout School has been instrumental in my growth & development in the game of basketball. Pete and his staff have put together a curriculum covering the game in every facet, which provides the students insight and knowledge that isn’t available anywhere else. To anyone who loves basketball and has a desire to grow within it, this course is a must.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Rafa Calvo

CEO at Elite Sports Management

Virtual Scout School is being an amazing learning experience for me. After more than 30 years in the Basketball Business and always in the learning process, Virtual Scout School has been a sensational discovery and with the maximum capacity to offer top-level and top-of-the-line content. As a complement to all this, it is also amazing to have the chance to complement allthe material with the video chats with Top personalities in the business every month. In short,Virtual Scout School is unbeatable.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Jason Benadretti

EVP and Director of Basketball Operations, Ground Zero Training

TPG Sports Group nailed it with Virtual Scout School (VSS). As someone with various experiences in the basketball industry, I still find the information to be insightful and extremely helpful in my broadening my knowledge base. The access provided to you by Pete and his team is top notch, and really allows any hoops lover to increase their network as well. I definitely recommend anyone with a passion to learn more about the inner workings of the game, or even experienced professionals to join VSS.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Tito Arias

Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach at Paine College

“Virtual Scout School is a no brainer for any coach trying to improve on their craft. The information and knowledge that you’re getting for the amount of money that you invest is priceless. It’s a win-win situation.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Trevor Pridie

Assistant Coach, UFV Basketball

“Virtual Scout School has been a great experience and well worth it. The content is fantastic and you get an opportunity to learn from and network with people with backgrounds in NBA/NCAA/International basketball from all types of fields.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Trinity Best

Sports Agent at Trinity Best Sports, LLC

“A great learning opportunity no matter what area of basketball you work in. TPG always brings first-class content.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Ray Navarro

High School Assistant Basketball Coach

“Virtual Scout School gives you valuable inside information about the league and the business of basketball. I recommend it to anyone who is passionate about learning more about basketball.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Austin Kent

Assistant Boy’s Basketball Coach Cypress Ranch High School

“TPG Virtual Scout School is full of information you will not get anywhere else. You are getting insight to the whole game of basketball. From the NBA, International, and College level. There is no other service that will give you this much knowledge. I would highly encourage splurging
on the mentorship program as well, the one-on-one time with Pete is something that will last forever.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Peppe Foti

Founder, Basketball Analysis

“Virtual Scout School gives a complete review of how you should approach the International and USA basketball as well. Even if in this period coaches, scouts and agents are busy, everyone can take his time and go online on a free moment. I strongly recommend to have a look at it to whoever wants to have high level info from the best professionals in the world of basketball.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Kevin Tarca

Founder at Kreation Sports Agency, Former Player at Quinnipiac University

“TPG Sports Group is crushing it! They combine both the content and experience of the basketball industry that is invaluable for anyone that wants to learn. Pete and his team have a passion for teaching others and continue to pass along insight from their own sports journey! Can’t thank Em enough.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

George Kallis

Synergy Sports Technologies

“VSS A great area to get inside info about the basketball field from top experts.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Grant Aqui

Lakeland Magic (G League)

“The expertise provided to you from the TPG group is second to none. They provide unparalleled insight and experience that can’t be found anywhere else in the industry in such an easy to use format. The Virtual Scout School is a one of a kind experience that I would highly recommend for anyone looking to get into the basketball industry.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Oliver Krause

Basketball Analytics Assoc, Orlando Magic

“If you are looking to learn more about basketball, or scouting specifically, look no further than TPG Sports Group. Every event they put out and new idea they generate is an incredible and innovative experience.
Pro Scout School takes place is Las Vegas every summer during NBA Summer League. The level of material and quality of presenters are second-to-none. TPG brings in NBA head coaches, scouts, assistants, international legends, front office insiders, even current NBA General Managers to be accessible, tell their experiences, and give advice to all attendees. It is an amazing experience and an every-year staple for me. Virtual Scout School takes the material you can learn at Pro Scout School, makes it accessible online, and tailors it to your schedule. Nowhere else can you can in-depth access to the quality of information Pete and TPG supplies to its students. Every month, TPG creates a new course, covering a variety of subjects, and brings in a special guest speaker (such as Fran Fraschilla and Adam Filippi) for interactive video chats. The information and convenience of Virtual Scout School make it a must for anyone trying to work in basketball. I highly, highly recommend TPG Sports Group.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Keegan Brown

Graduate Assistant, University of Central Florida

“I have loved my Virtual Scout School experience. I have already learned so much about the game and business of basketball, and looking forward to the coming months of content. This is a must do course for anyone looking to learn more about or get into the basketball industry.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Nick Ruebel

Head of Video Operations, Ohio State Women’s Basketball

“I first learned about TPG 3 years ago when really started to take my dream of working in basketball seriously, and I thought it was too good to be true. 3 years later and it still seems too good to be true. TPG is a place where you will get REAL information from the people who know it best. It is an ESSENTIAL vehicle for all who want to learn more about the many facets
that make up the greatest game in the world.

Nick Plosser Scout School

Tony Casella

Head Coach, Sturt Sabres (Australia)

“I highly recommend the mentorship program for those wanting to pursue a career in basketball. Pete provided me honest feedback to identify areas of improvement, explained how the basketball industry works based on his years of experience in the NBA and guided me through a development plan that provided direction to set realistic goals. The advice I received from Pete  was priceless and I can’t thank him enough for everything he has done for me.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Michal Martisek

Assistant Coach, BK Loko Trutnov

“The Virtual Scout School has been so far an incredible learning experience for me. I’ve been in and around basketball at all levels for 20 years. The entire staff have been doing a great job-first class quality all the way!”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Brad Zellner

Basketball Coach, Oakland City University and Rock Creek Academy

“Virtual Scout School is a great experience. No where else can you hear from and talk to so many proven experts in the business.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Andy Fitzgerald

Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach, Lake Forrest College

“As a college basketball coach and former Pro Scout School attendee, I knew Virtual Scout School was an opportunity that I wanted to be a part of. The content and knowledge passed down by some of the most experienced basketball minds in the industry is unrivaled. Each month of content has not only benefited me as a coach but has provided me with a better
understanding of the industry as a whole. It is amazing how every part of basketball is connected in some way. The lessons are in depth, extremely relevant, provide real life examples, and make you think in ways that constantly challenge you to become a better basketball mind. Virtual Scout School also brings together basketball people from all over the world that want to get better and share a tremendous passion. It has been really beneficial to get to know different people with different ideas and perspectives from different parts and areas within the industry. You really are able to build connections and better yet, relationships. No matter what part of basketball you are interested in, you will get a ton out of this program. I’m learning applicable things every day and at this price it is a STEAL! I highly recommend Virtual Scout School and all of the great people behind and involved with the organization. They truly want to see you succeed and continue to grow this great game.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Tommy Dee

Managing Director, Latella Sports Technologies

“Virtual Scout School has been an incredible learning experience for me. I’ve been in and around basketball at all levels my whole life including Division 1 and the NBA and the curriculum has both solidified and expanded my knowledge of the game. Pete and his staff have treated us to a first class experience all the way!”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Robert Yonce

Assistant Coach, Southern Utah University Women’s Basketball

“Virtual Scout School has been an fantastic resource for me as a basketball coach! During the season, I am not able to follow each month and stay active like most of the group but the content stays there so always accessible! Plus they upload the video chats for each month so you can watch and learn from some of the best people in the business! You definitely get ALOT of information plus interact with other aspiring basketball coaches, scouts, and so forth! It will be a great investment for your future to be in the basketball community!”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Meagan Tincher

Assistant Coach, Calloway County High School Women’s Basketball

“I have enjoyed the Virtual Scout School. It was easy to follow, very informative, and applicable in your current or future job. I highly recommend it!”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Brian Carroll

Owner, 1 More Basketball

“Virtual Scout School is a great experience. The monthly lesson plans the program provides really are great teaching tool of the entire game from scouting talent to managing salaries. Well worth it.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Josue Sedjro

Co-Editor, Coast2Coast

“Anyone looking to break into the business should take part in the Virtual Scout School. Being a part of this course has exposed me to advance scouting, talent evaluation and salary cap matters. You get to learn with pears from across the world at every different stages of their careers. The schedule flexibility, the course work and the quality of guests on chats is great and true added-value to career pursuit. New guests and subjects every month with access to mentorship and relationships with key decision-makers In order to gain results, you must put in work. Attending Virtual Scout School is definitely a step towards any basketball related endeavours. I recommend this to anyone and everyone.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Alex Spirin

“I got to know TPG Sports group 2 years ago, when my basketball friend Danny Mills ( now 76ers scout) sent me the info about summer basketball conference. This year i have been among participants in Vegas. now as a virtual school attendant i can admit the the courses are really of great value. Systematized First Hand NBA level stuff with NBA people involved. Great chance to improve your skill and enrich your scouting knowledge. Also great network growth with opportunities to get foot in the door. Alex Spirin, international scout.”